Every picture viewed has a different meaning to each of us. Some capture our hearts and minds. It doesn’t matter if it is ultra realistic or abstract in form. It speaks to us, reminds us of who we are, and we can feel our  mind and heart still with love and peace.

Through the eyes of a childThis website presents my artistic expression of The Beauty and Innocence of Being. For me, this often means looking at life through the eyes of a child. And, also who we have become.

I encourage you to explore my current art portfolio by viewing it as a whole, and checking the sold sub-menu for those that have been purchased and commissioned. And, I have recently added Stained Glass! Check it out!

If a particular piece speaks to you, and you wish to purchase it, I encourage you to contact me, first by registering on the website, and giving me a call. Once someone is touched by the artwork, it seems to quickly find a home as soon as it is shown or posted. In addition to the art I create to share with you, I will also work closely with you to create a piece of art you will love to own, whether it is a portrait of a child at play, a well-loved pet, or an event or place that gives you comfort for an affordable commission.

Becoming an OctogenarianIf you are interested in seeing the full view of a particular piece of work, simply hover your cursor over the work and click. You will be taken to a larger version, a brief description, availability and cost (for those that are currently for sale).

And, please, check back often as I am continually adding artwork.

You may also enjoy my musings, some of which have no link to art, but have a great deal to do with being.


Georgia Feiste