Thy Will Be Done


If all it takes is to say “Thy will be done”, why are we so afraid of it?  Do we think that by doing so we will be cast into a wasteland of doing without the things that make us comfortable?  The reality is that taking care of, and taking pleasure in, our physical life and our physical bodies is a spiritual goal as much as anything else – it is learning how to live in this world as a spiritual being having a human experience, and how to act out of faith and trust.

When we finally get there, though, are we saying “Thy will be done” out of resignation or surrender.  I think there is a difference.  We may say yes to whatever is happening, but then we must also say yes to divine order – things will unfold when they are meant to unfold.  So, do you resign yourself to what is, and then let go – surrender?  Are we patient enough to wait?  A topic worth discussing.

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