Unity Principle No. 1

I was at church today, and was surprised to hear people who have been part of Unity for a very long time say that they didn’t know what the five Spiritual Principles of Unity were.  And, because I was pretty sure that I knew, I went out to find them to validate what I was thinking.  I write an article for the church newsletter on a monthly basis, but thought I would also document this in my blog so I could go back to it over and over again to continue my thought processes and spiritual growth.

The first principle is one power and one presence.  The Universal Power is the Source and the Creator of everything.  Unity calls this God, other religions and beliefs call this power by many other names.  This power is Love at work in the universe. 

Within this principle, Unity teaches that there is not a struggle between two powers of good and evil.  This is a paradox created by man and is simply a belief in the separation from God, and is caused by our fears and our propensity toward judgment.  There are many books that have been written about this particular concept, one of which intrigued me, called the Disappearance of the Universe.  A second, which I believe I could probably study for the rest of my life, is A Course in Miracles.  Briefly, we are taught that we have never separated from the Universal Power, it flows through us in everything we do.  When we remember this, and forgive, we move strongly into love, both for everyone around us and for ourselves.

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