Unity Principle No. 4

This principle is about prayer, meditation, denial and affirmation.  These are methods we use to step away from the way we perceive our world to be, and step into conscious contact with Spirit. 

Unity states that within this principle we deny the power of how things appear to be, and affirm the truth of our divine nature (even if we cannot see it).  This helps restructure our subconscious mind and false beliefs we may be holding.  Prayer and meditation allow us to talk to God and listen for guidance and experience our divine connection to Spirit.

For me, this principle has guided me to look at how I see my world, and look for the truth in my beliefs to determine whether my perceptions are simply an illusion.  I have felt encouraged to look deeply to see who I really am, and to endeavor to live more genuinely out of that knowledge.  The more that I am able to do this, the more comfortable I become with the “who” within me – the heart and soul of me.  I feel less angst over mistakes that I might make, and feel the freedom of less self-judgment.  In coaching language, that means fewer “shoulda, coulda, woulda” conversations with myself.  I also have fewer needs I am striving to have met.  This enables me to live more from my values in everything I do.

Prayer and meditation are good times for me – I share with God my thoughts, and I ask questions.  Often I do this within my journaling, and sometimes as I am sitting quietly on my deck listening to the birds, or walking through the neighborhood.  When I am still in my heart and my mind, I find myself listening to the guidance from the Spirit within me – that knowingness that is always there.  

I was speaking to my dear friend Stella today, just before she left to complete her move to Montana.  She was telling me her story of the day she was out walking.   She was feeling rather low – having given up her home in Nebraska, and was living in a camper in Montana until the house was sold and they could buy another.  She came upon an elderly woman who stopped to pet her dog, and speak kindly to her.  This gentle and wise woman said quietly, “Enjoy life.”  How simple, and how profound.  Even when we perceive that things could not get any worse in many areas of our life, it gets so much easier when we simply enjoy the time we have, release the need to control and the power the situation has over us, and recognize that each moment is precious.  

How do you apply this principle in your life?  I would love to hear from you.

Georgia Feiste, owner of Collaborative Transitions Coaching, Inc., located in Lincoln, NE, is a personal growth and transitions coach, writer, and workshop facilitator.  She is also a Usui Reiki Master.  Georgia specializes in career, business and personal life transitions for people seeking change in their life.  Her passion is success grounded in purpose and passion, standards of integrity and priorities in life.    You can also find her on her websites http://www.collaborativetransitions.com and http://www.rainbowbridgecoach.com . Georgia can be reached at (402) 304-1902 or you can schedule a 30 minute consultation via Automated Appointment.

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