Unity Principle No. 5

The fifth principle of Unity is the principle of Action.  Many love to read, study and discuss Unity thought and principles, and while this is inspiring, it is not enough.  We must walk our talk by living the principles of:

1.  Knowing there is only one power and one presence. 

2.  Recognizing that we are created in the image and likeness of God – that there is God in every (wo)man.

3.  Focusing on what we want to expand in our lives, i.e., the energy we put out acts like a magnet and draws to us like energies.

4.  Utilizing the tools of prayer, meditation, denial and affirmation to redirect our thoughts and consciously connect with God.

This is God in Action, as us.  This principle is the hardest for me, because it requires me to stop judging myself and to live every moment as it comes to me.  It requires me to know that I will do my best, with what I know at that point in time.  And, that is good enough.  This is the self-love that all of the personal growth gurus talk about – that we find so very hard to do.  But, when we remember that God is within us, and give ourselves over to that, there is nothing to judge.  We may make mistakes when our ego takes over, which it WILL do, and it’s important for us to look at them and learn – forgive and move forward. 

Some people I’ve talked to think that when it is suggested that we surrender to the soul’s journey, it means that we no longer need to do anything but sit and wait.  This is furthest from the truth.  When you allow, or surrender, to the journey, opportunities and truths come your way – and the joy is that you are paying enough attention to see them as opportunities for action.  Unity teaches that Jesus showed us what we are capable of being.  And, until we experience the power of that truth, our lives will remain unchanged.

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