The Power of Choice

“Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”  – Chinese proverb

As I wrote my morning pages this last week (a morning mind dump so you can concentrate on what is creatively important for the day), I kept remembering that we have a choice in how we view our world. The thoughts we hold in our heart are reflected in what we see, what we pay attention to, and how we create our day to day lives.

A Beacon of LightWe get to choose! We can look out on a world of beauty, that beacon of light, or we can look at the darkness of the box we have chosen to live in.

Do we choose beauty, love and hope? Or, do we choose darkness, hate and fear? Do we choose to believe we are safe, or do we choose to believe that everyone is out to get us? Do we choose to be kind, compassionate, and understanding? Or, do we choose to scream, yell and be hateful?

Our thoughts are prayers. What we think about all the time is what will show up for us. This is powerful! We get to create our reality – the world we live in. And, while we do this, how does it ripple throughout our homes, our neighborhoods, our communities, and our world? How are you impacting the people around you?

We are facing the shadow side of our country manifesting in our politics and our streets. Many of our countrymen and women are choosing fear. The only way to fight fear is with love. And our job is to love in the face of this fear. To be mindful and compassionate. To embrace those who are trembling. And, to teach by our actions, words and creative living.

What is your world view? What is your choice? How are you impacting the environment around you?

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