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Title: Enchantment

Oil Painting on gallery canvas

16 X 20


Photography Reference: Andi St. Germain Photography

Do you remember a time when you went to visit a farm and you found baby chicks, ducks, and goats all around you? Were you as thrilled as this little one is?

I love watching puppies, kittens, and young children interact with each other with simple joy and laughter.



Beacon Of Hope

Beacon of HopeMedium: Oil

Size: 20 X 20, gallery wrapped canvas

Price: SOLD

Photo Reference: Andi St. Germain Photography

Throughout this election season, I have been wanting to paint what I am feeling. This is what I came up with as I thought about my hope for our country. There are days that my thoughts are very black. But, always, there is a point of light – a beacon calling to me to have faith and hope – a beacon of hope. To acknowledge that while times are dark and uncertain, to look around me at the acts of kindness that are happening, at the people who believe in love, not hate. To remember who we are, and what we stand for.

Prints are available if you also need a Beacon of Hope to hang on your wall.


September Wrap-Up

September has been an eventful month! I sold two paintings during First Friday at Noyes Art Gallery, located at 119 S. 9th St., Lincoln, NE.  This was especially eventful for me since it was my first First Friday in this gallery. And, I had to scramble to get more pictures up to fill my space.

On September 23, 2016, I opened a month long exhibit with Lincoln Artists Guild at Out of the Box, located at 366 N. 48th St., Lincoln, NE 68504.  I have 17 items hanging in the Featured Artist section of the building, and they will be there until October 27, 2016. Check the website for hours, and schedule your visit. You will be glad you did.

I completed two pieces of art in and around a short retreat to the mountains of Colorado. Purple Iris is hanging at the Noyes Art Gallery, and Caleb is hanging at Out of the Box.

Currently, I am working on two commissions, and a comment piece.

All this while continuing with my Creative Circle as we work our way through The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. This has been a wonderful book, and as we continue to build our talents, skills, and confidence, we are seeing great things come our way!

Fall is here, the colors are changing, and I am delighting in the park directly across from our house.

I am grateful to be able to share my talents with you, and I hope you are enjoying them as well. Check out the newest items in the Art Portfolio, and let me know what you think!

Purple Iris and Caleb.



Photograph reference by Andi St. Germain
Photographic reference by Andi St. Germain Photography

Medium: Oil

Size: 16 X 20, gallery wrapped

Caleb is about a year and a half, and the reference photo was taken in the rain forests of Hawaii. I loved his intense study of the flower he held, and the look of concentration on his face. The beauty of the rocks and moss were striking against his tender baby legs.

Private Collection