Angels Walk Among Us

I just watched this Youtube video called Angels Walk Among Us, backed by music from Anathema.  The pictures used were from deviantart.com and were beautifully done. 

The music and the pictures reminded me once again to create a connection with everyone I meet each day.  Show them you care.  I’m finding that life is not necessarily about connecting for business, it is about connecting in order to create relationships.  It is about where the Universe leads you and asks you to participate – each and every day.  If that is in business, it is where you are meant to be.  If not, there are lessons to be learned elsewhere.

There are angels among us.  If we look at everyone we meet keeping in mind that there is a divine presence within each one of us, and we are all One, it becomes easy to recognize that each person we meet is there for a purpose.  They are bringing something of value to us – and if we are in a state of being open and receptive, we will move forward in our quest for positive growth. 

Because we live in an abundant universe, the connections and relationships we create will bear fruit in the way that brings to us what we need to continue our journey.  People enter our lives for a moment, a season or a lifetime.  They are here to offer us an opportunity, to help us through a transition, or to do the work together that is ours to do. 

Who will be your angel today?