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Reiki Share – What Is It and What Are The Benefits?

Over the last several months, we have been sponsoring a Reiki Share on Saturday afternoons at Collaborative Transitions Coaching for our students, and other Reiki practitioners in the area who would like to participate.

What Is It?

There are two Master/Teachers in the room participating in the share experience, along with several people trained in Reiki I and Reiki II.  We use this time as a forum to talk about developments and experiences we have had over the last one to two weeks, to try new techniques or swap tips on methods and hand positions we have found useful.  It is also a time for practice for newly trained practitioners.  More importantly, the more Reiki you receive, the more you heal and the more energy will flow through you so you can help others.  It is a great place to “swap” sessions with each other.

In addition, we are using this time to give Reiki to those who want it, but may not be able to afford it.  We have one client who shows up faithfully every week.  The Reiki we give her helps her to relax so she can get the full benefit of her chiropractic care, helping her heal from a spine/neck injury that nearly killed her.  It also allows her to go to the park and play with her five year old child.  Without the Reiki, her healing was slow and painful.  Now, she is making tremendous progress toward a strong recovery, and looking forward to a normal life once again.

What are the benefits?

Not only is it a wonderful experience to have two or more people treating you at once, the state of relaxation you reach is much deeper.  It also takes much less time to complete a full session since you share the hand positions among the group, with each person working on one side of the body only.  If you have at least six people there to give Reiki, you can cover all of the body and the legs, feet, arms and hands, as well.  Many more people can receive treatment in a relatively short period of time, with each person receiving Reiki for ten to fifteen minutes.

One of the things we have found is that when Reiki is shared in groups, we don’t pay quite as much attention to the traditional hand positions.  It is difficult sometimes to get several people in one small area.  However, we believe this is compensated for by the number of people treating one area:  there should be more than enough Reiki to go around!

What are we learning?

Reiki practitioners in the area are combining their Reiki training with other energy healing practices.  One of our participants works with Quantum Touch, and Shamanic healing at the same time as Reiki.  Several of us are familiar with Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine and have combined some of her meridian information and holds with the Reiki hand positions.  This works extremely well, and is enlightening in a Reiki Share situation.  We give feedback as receivers of the treatment in order to validate a practitioner’s intuition so that they might grow in confidence in interpreting what they are feeling.

Working with a Master/Teacher during a Reiki Share is an opportunity for further learning and refinement of the work that you do.  It is an opportunity to ask questions, validate intuition, and to become better through practice and a deeper connection with others.

Our Reiki Shares provide us with a platform for giving and receiving of support, encouragement and healing that is rarely found in today’s world.  It is an experience to be remembered!  And, one we would like to share.  If you like this idea, join us or start a Reiki group yourself.

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