A Place in My Heart

About 14 months ago, we lost our thirteen year old Golden Retriever to old age and kidney failure.  My husband and I miss our four-legged child tremendously.  And, since we have received guardianship of our son’s Alaskan Malamute, my husband has been extremely reluctant to take on another dog.  He has told me “no” for at least ten months every time I bring up the subject of another Golden, and very specifically when I bring up the subject of a smaller dog.

Two nights ago I broke it to him that I had an appointment to go visit some Golden Retriever puppies to see if I bonded with any of them.  He smiled and said “that will be the hardest visit you have ever gone through when you have to walk away without a pup”.  I told him I didn’t think so, because none of them were ready to leave their Mom yet.  And, if I bonded with one, we should expect a new baby in the house within four weeks.   I love dogs, and I’ve never been without one.  I know I don’t want to head into retirement without one to love and play with each day.  We just need to make sure the dog is trained well enought to go just about everywhere we go!

Lessons learned for me – being able to say to my husband that I hear him, and I understand his reluctance.  However, this is important to me.  I have a special bond with dogs, especially Golden Retrievers, and this is a love I don’t wish to do without.  It is hard to set boundaries with  the people we love.   It is harder to walk away from the yearning to fill that special space in your heart with the love you know you will find.  The real lesson was in telling him up front, without just doing it and requiring him to cope with the consequences.   This is the freedom you gain by being who you are, without fear.

So, here you go folks.  My foray into “motherhood” once again.  Once I showed him the picture, my husband’s heart melted.  The “no” was less heartfelt.  Hmmm… names?  Abby or Grace -what do you think?