The Dance of Life

The definition of vulnerable I love comes to us from Dr. Maria Nemeth, author of Managing Life’s Energies.  It is: “to allow the winds of life to blow freely over your soul.” To be vulnerable using this definition is to say ‘yes’ to whatever life brings you.

Someone once told me that God sends us opportunities all the time, moment by moment.  We only need to recognize the opportunity for what it is and be ready to reach out our hand (or our heart) to grasp hold of it.  If we fear taking that risk, and hold our hand close to our body or turn away, that opportunity will go right on past us and land in someone else’s hand.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to be over, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain. ~ Author unknown

Sometimes life’s opportunities are difficult.  They require us to focus, to be intentional and to take mindful and meaningful action.  Many of us will step away from difficult situations out of fear.  We run from the risk, the difficulty, and the energy required to fully experience the stretch and growth that comes from participating fully in the dance.   When we are vulnerable, we take the risk to tackle what has been handed to us, opening ourselves up to being wounded or hurt, “allowing the winds of life to blow freely over our soul”.

The journey between who you once were and who you are now becoming, is where the dance of life really takes place. ~ Barbara DeAngelis

It comes down to trust.  Trusting in yourself and the Source of all that is.  By saying ‘yes’, by taking the risk, you step into your power and move freely and gracefully in the flow of life. It does not mean that it may not be difficult, but trust and allowing yourself to be vulnerable gives you strength you may not have known you had.

In my mind, this means sharing your thoughts and feelings, your joys and your fears.  It means daring to be who you are at all times.  It means living your values, even when it is difficult.  It means opening your heart and your mind to accept others where they are, and to be willing to honor them as they take their own risks.  It means being willing to listen to what others have to say, and honor that it is right for them at this point in their journey.

Most importantly, it means embracing the curliness of life, looking for the power and the good in everything that happens.  And, dancing the dance of life for all that it is, even when it is raining.

Do we always succeed?  Not always.  But it also means having compassion for ourselves when we fail – because we tried and we were willing.

Georgia Feiste, President of Collaborative Transitions Coaching, Inc., located in Lincoln, NE, is a personal growth and leadership coach, writer, and workshop facilitator.  She is also a Usui Reiki Master and EFT practitioner.  Her passion is success grounded in purpose and passion, standards of integrity and priorities in life.  You can also find Georgia on her website, Collaborative Transitions, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.   Georgia may also be reached at (402) 304-1902 if you wish to schedule a 30 minute complementary consultation.

The Gift

 Life sometimes hands us a challenge, an opportunity to enter a state of being we may never have thought possible.  It can be a job loss, or a promotion.  It can be the loss of a family member, or the birth of a baby.  Or it can be a life threatening disease…

Please watch this from Stacey Kramer, who offers a moving, personal, 3-minute parable that shows how an unwanted experience — frightening, traumatic, costly — can turn out to be a priceless gift.

Life is Perfect

Do you have days where you feel that life is perfect?  As I’ve been going through my own personal growth journey after leaving the corporate world and starting my own coaching business, I have been feeling this feeling of peace, calm and perfection more often and for extended periods of time. 

Now, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t issues to deal with.  There has been much that occurred that would have driven me over the edge before.  My journey has taught me that even though a situation or person may cause me to catch my breath or grit my teeth, I can more easily step back and look for what is real, see it for what it is, tell myself the truth about my reaction to it, and ease into the moment.  It’s okay for us to have our initial reactions – how we flow through them is key to the conversation. 

Starting this blog of personal introspection and musings about what I am being, thinking, reading, experiencing or doing in my life has completed me.  Not only do I have my business side – coaching business, career and personal life transitions (all what I would consider personal growth); and my healing side – Reiki, NLP, EFT and Fibromyalgia; I have my spiritual side that I have been struggling to find a place to express.  

I love to read and share what I have read.  I love to talk and share ideas with others of like mind, and create connectedness and see the light glow between us.  I love to encourage and support others as they walk their personal growth journey.  I am doing all that, and letting my light shine brighter and brighter each day.  I know that the universe is providing me with these opportunities and I only need to reach out my heart to move into them. 

Yes, Life Is Perfect.  I’m inviting you to join me in whatever venue you would like – business, healing or spiritual.  Let’s talk, laugh, cry, and experience the perfection of life together.



Georgia Feiste, owner of Collaborative Transitions Coaching, Inc., located in Lincoln, NE, is a personal growth coach, writer, and workshop facilitator.  She is also a Usui Reiki Master.  Georgia specializes in career, business and personal life transitions for people seeking change in their life.  She is uniquely skilled in providing support and encouragement as her clients set intentional goals to attain their desires, holding open the space they need to stretch and grow. Her passion is success grounded in purpose and passion, standards of integrity and priorities in life.    Her websites are, where you can find her blogs about business and career, , where she and many other coaches blog about mind, body, spirit and emotion, and where you can catch her thoughts on a wide variety of topics.  Georgia can be reached at (402) 304-1902 or you can schedule a 30 minute consultation via Automated Appointment.